Reform Alliance LLC - Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

This terms of use and privacy policy is an implied agreement between the User / Client and (the Website / Company "Reform Alliance, LLC") and its affiliate network website systems thereof. 

By using this site, you agree to abide by our terms of use and privacy policy. Reform Alliance, LLC works on a principle of helping students and alumni with student debt relief consulting and document preparation administrative support. Our scope of consulting & clerical services include but are not limited to: debt reduction on federal student loans - explaining and educating clients on different debt relief programs pertaining to: loan consolidation, repayment plans, loan reconciliation / default resolution, forbearance, debt cancellation and loan forgiveness programs.

Anything BEYOND the scope of our realm of services CANNOT be construed as a pre-disposed obligation for us to deliver such unmentioned services (whether on this website or in writing by email or texting or via phone calls verbally). Therefore, our company will NOT be held liable for any of the undelivered services that neither party agreed to or IF those services / solutions do not fall under the “scope of employment” within our company’s expertise. By using our website and various systems, there is no “ostensible authority” to form “Agent to Principal” relations with the users and visitors of our website systems, considering the necessary screening technology we must employ to “filter out” and ward off against spam emails and spam calls / bots and/or ineligible visitors of our company website(s). 

> Company Disclosure

Reform Alliance (company) specializes in federal student loan consulting and document preparation & processing to help borrowers qualify for various government debt relief programs. Once your financial approval assessment is complete, our staff will help you find a repayment or “debt reduction” solution that works best for your individual financial situation based on  pre-qualifications guidelines.



> Company Disclaimer

We are not a government agency nor the Department of Education, NOR your loan servicer. Reform Alliance, LLC is a private company - not affiliated with the government nor the Department of Education. We work on an “intermediary” behalf of the borrower / client, representing the borrower’s best interest. We DO NOT make any loan payments on your behalf; your loans remain in your name. Rather, we assist in identifying appropriate government loan repayment & debt relief programs and then we draft document preparation to apply for such programs. Any fees that you pay to Reform Alliance, LLC are for designated value services provided to you with your consent while you are responsible for repaying your loan separately at your discretion.

By using our company services, we do not grant any express nor implied warranties to guarantee the loan reduction / debt relief results for our clients. Student loan clients and users of this website agree to supply truthful, accurate information about themselves, their income and their concurrent debt situation. In accordance with fair business practices and anti-discrimination laws, we DO NOT discriminate against age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, political views and marital status. However, we must fairly distinguish and exclude certain nations and currencies outside USA where we cannot conduct business and where there would be no qualified clients based on the application merit and federal guidelines.

> Appointment Service Terms

To reschedule or to cancel any appointments, clients must notify our staff at least 24 hours before the appointment. Failure to notify the Reform Alliance staff of any changes will result in loss of deposit. In return, you will have to issue a new deposit to schedule a new appointment. Thank you for your understanding. We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 1 day before the beginning of your appointment.

> User / Client Privacy Policy

Our Company / Reform Alliance, LLC has made a substantial effort to protect our Users and Clients in terms of cyber security and applicable privacy regulations. Among which, (website) has a properly installed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our domain with encryption of data input and data transfer. This allows for Reform Alliance website features like contact forms and application input forms to be well-protected when Users enter their private and/or sensitive information. By law, all our website Users, Clients and Contacts can request to be “opted out” of any subscriptions / communications or emailing lists and we shall abide by their requests to enable such process.

By contacting our company (Reform Alliance, LLC) via our online contact forms, email, phone or text, you agree to "opt-in" to receive relevant communications / information pertaining to your questions and any materials that we (as a company) believe would be helpful to you (as a User/Prospect or existing Client) - this allows for us to provide a better service without encumbrances nor any hindrances brought upon by a lack of communications and unnecessary barriers. Additionally, for certain contact forms / applications / contracts and documents, we reserve the right to provide an optional "opt-in / opt-out" feature for permitted communications related to your account status and important student loan/debt relief information as well as any marketing promotions & company announcements - whether direct or indirect point of contact regardless of solicitation techniques; nonetheless, we intend to adhere to a professional code of ethics with our Contacts/Prospects & Clients having the right to be able to request to "opt-out" of ANY communications OR solicitations that would otherwise be naturally instigated by our company for those who were "opted-in" to consent to participate in our relevant communications outreach.

> How We Collect and Use Information

This website is also equipped with optional “call-to-action features" like the company phone # that our Users & Clients may call to interact with our company staff to be able to answer relevant questions. By calling the company phone #, our phone systems collect the caller ID / phone # so we can call them back to try to assist them. We also have very secure private CRM systems where we store the information provided to us by our Clients of our services & Users of our website ( and its connected web portals. 

By entering your email address and your name into our contact forms and application / assessment form and/or appointment scheduler, you agree to receive our direct communications by email that was provided by you willfully with or without the intent to subscribe to our important communication updates, relevant news / announcements and other vital information. If you entered the wrong email address by mistake, you may contact us directly to update your email address by emailing to The personal information that we collect securely via our website (when our website users submit their information) includes: first name and last name, email address, student loan / debt balance amount, current monthly payment, adjusted gross income, family size as well as general location / city and state of residence (when asked to share it) - Reform Alliance, LLC also has the right to VERIFY the Clients’ residence address to make sure it matches the loan / file records and the student's name in order to avoid fraudulent claims & filings. Per our privacy policy, we have an ethics code to conduct business with utmost honesty / transparency, affordability, availability / flexibility, data security and reasonable accommodations.

Certain web systems and transacting portals that we use are being handled via other parties considered to be reputable / secure online payment gateways, in which case, those companies are responsible for providing such technologies to you as a User / Client and therefore they are deemed to be responsible for any technical problems / nuances on their side or any other User Experience / User Interface or network up-time / website availability / maintenance / speed-performance and web security protocols.

> Maintenance & Development and Web Security

While the site is undergoing maintenance & development, Users / Visitors and Clients may not be able to use OR see certain features of the site until they are ready to be displayed publicly or until certain website / system updates are issued as part of a normal protocol of performing web maintenance. During the maintenance updates and testing stage, Reform Alliance and its IT department / Web Developer cannot be held reasonably accountable for any missing content and features (or lack of textual content), down-time / inaccessibility, slow-down in web performance or any technical problems that are in the process of being resolved. As a good, reliable company, we periodically check and test our website features and web security so as to determine the adequate speed performance, stability, SSL security encryption, privacy & spam control, software & API integrations and features functionality along with accessibility and “ease of use” to optimize user experience and value-satisfaction.     

> Indemnification Clause and Web Security

IF there is ever an EXTERNAL linking website that has malware or spyware attached to it or improper SSL installation or missing SSL security certificates, those unsafe websites would NOT have our permission to link to our website, thereby absolving us (the company) of ALL liabilities stemming from those suspicious malware websites.

Reform Alliance company shall NOT be responsible for any negligence or damages arising from any such unsecured malware websites. Under the circumstance of a prohibited / unauthorized website linking to our site (with or without our knowledge), it is still the predisposed duty of those outside companies to maintain their web security, cyber compliance, up-time, maintenance / updates and customer support. In the event of any perpetrating website/company attempting to breach or violate and compromise our website systems and/or clients / users information, we shall seek rightful indemnification against those types of companies that cause an unlawful, harmful breach of system or damage to our reputation (i.e. we'd be seeking compensation for damages & repairs / loss of data / systems restoration, loss of revenue, reputation reviews / defamation and any litigation costs) 

> Intellectual Copyrights

Furthermore, the use of Reform Alliance, LLC and copyrighted materials and domain / brand name (without our authorization) is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You must contact the Reform Alliance company by email (in writing) to request such use of materials / content and brand name publicly with a prior notice before posting or otherwise “misappropriating” unauthorized content that may or may not be accurate or up-to-date with the latest available information. 

We sincerely promise to keep up with the educational information and guidelines referring to student loan debt relief programs and will thus do our best to inform and educate our clients & users on the benefits of using those programs to help those who need to reduce their federal student debt.